Since our inception in 2003 as MarVivo, we at LiveOcean Seafoods have distinguished ourselves as leaders in canned salmon products for the Wholesale Foods Market.

All of our salmon comes from the fjords of Chile, which are the world’s cleanest and purest waters.  LiveOcean salmon represents the highest standards in sustainable seafood aquaculture and the very best quality premium canned salmon fillets available on the market.

Compare The Quality

Open a can of LiveOcean’s premium Atlantic Salmon fillets and see the difference in our canned salmon in comparison to other leading brands of canned pink salmon.  Compare the look, smell, and taste to find the outstanding difference in quality of our canned salmon. Our salmon is packed in pure water and each can contains salmon fillets that are skinless, boneless, and rich in color. See for yourself.

Only the Finest Quality

LiveOcean’s management team has decades of proven experience in presenting only the finest, sustainable, environmentally-friendly farmed salmon products on the market today.  They are dedicated to bringing healthy, tasty, and responsibly managed salmon and seafood to consumers.

Our enviable reputation has been earned by offering the finest restaurant quality salmon selections available anywhere, at a fraction of the cost of supermarket or specialty fish market prices for product of this quality.

Pop a top and enjoy our premium canned salmon at home, hiking, biking, at picnics, or wherever life takes you.  Delicious, packed with Omega 3s, and sustainably farmed, our salmon is the perfect food for your lifestyle.